#BBNaija: Bisola impersonates some of the things Efe did after taking one too many drinks last night



Bally, Bisola and Marvis sat upstairs in the morning and made fun of Efe for some of the things he got up to after the party last night.

Apparently, Efe took one too many drinks during the triple-thriller party, which had deejays Kentalky, Ssnatch and Consequence getting the Housemates dancing non-stop for about two hours.

It all started when the Housemates came back into the House after the party. Efe sat on the lounge floor, shirt off and cried, while talking to Bally and he and Bisola tried their best to console him. Bally then supported him with his arm and took him to the bathroom before finally taking him to bed.

Bally, Bisola and Marvis had a good laugh this morning narrating to Efe some of the things he said and did last night. “I no know nothing,” Efe confessed. Bisola then went on to impersonate him, sending all the others in stitches.

Just the other week, Bally took one too many drinks during the party and Efe had to help clean up after him, after he went and messed up around the House. He too heard from the other Housemates the following day, as they laughed at him while narrating that previous nights’ events to him. Marvis too has taken one too many drinks during a party a few weeks ago and was seen being helped by Efe when she sat outside and threw up. He brought her water to wash her face.

So, the saying that “One good turn deserves another” does ring true for our fellow Housemates, as some have been there for the other, helping them through their weakest moments.


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